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Memorable Moments

As a kid, I was always intrigued by the film in cameras. I often asked “How does a click of a button capture an image on a piece of film?”, “Where does the film go to be processed?”, ” What do the photo labs look like?” I also grew up in a household that watched movies on the regular, at home and at the cinema. The earliest memories I have are molded by the creativity of storytelling which has become an integral part in my professional career as a photographer/videographer.

I knew I wanted to pursue film production in my junior year of High School, so I spent hours creating & editing amateur movies with friends every chance I got. I obtained a bachelor’s in film production where I learned the fundamentals of business from industry leaders. I opted to further my education by also obtaining a master’s in business. These two accomplishments allowed me to establish my production company in Los Angeles in 2013.

After countless events, memorable clients, and new found home in New Jersey, I can confidently say that the love of capturing everlasting memories for people is my reason why I fell in love with this business. I must say, there is something special in telling the story while capturing fleeting moments in time…It never gets old. 

Raffi Alan

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